Validating the authenticity of documents has always been an issue. In the age of digital validation it is even harder. Fortunately, instead of bringing our computers to a notary, we can create digital signatures.

Please note, this is not digital signing for approval. That is part of a workflow, which is in the pipeline. 

Moreover, this feature requires a signing server. For ordering and installing a signing server, please contact our support team.

Some countries require digital files to be authenticated. If the invoice comes into DOKKA with authentication, you will be able see it. DOKKA can also apply signing credentials to documents. This way, the accountant can authenticate documents that seem valid.

To enable this feature, click on the cogwheel to enter the Settings section. 

Then, click on General, and then click Features. 

Click on the switch next to Enable Signing Features to turn it on. If you can't change this setting, it's probably because a signing server is not set up. For ordering and installing a signing server, please contact our support team. 

Once you've enabled signing features, you can click Re-use Organization Settings to copy the settings that were configured for your organization during the initial setup of the signing server.

You can sign documents by clicking on Sign Document - either by right-clicking on a document in the Workspace view, or from the More button in the Document view.

After clicking the Sign Document button, the following dialog box will appear, and the document will be digitally signed a short time after clicking Sign on both signers:

We've extended the digital signing feature within DOKKA to include documents from Microsoft Office. Now you can vouch for those awesome Excel sheets full of numbers.

We've also tweaked the visibility of the signatures. Now you can toggle them on and off. A signed document is still signed, it's just your own view that has changed. To toggle the signature view, simply click the Show Signatures toggle on the bottom of the screen.