A pack of documents is a number of documents that are displayed / linked together on the "home page". As the icon suggests, this is like clipping or stapling some documents together.


You can create a pack of documents by "Right clicking"(Ctrl+click on MAC) on an unlinked document, and selecting "Link document". DOKKA will open a window. To link documents, simply drag them from the general workspace to the Linking window. To remove them, just drag them out. If you remove all of the documents the linking will disappear.


You can name the document pack in the box above the documents. Everything you write here is also searchable.


When uploading documents via email, an automatic document pack is created if you send several documents in one email. The subject of the email becomes the name of the pack. Also this package can be edited easily as we explained above. (you can read more about it in the document upload guide)