One of DOKKA's most powerful tools is the Drag&Drop feature. (Click here to learn why it's so important to use this feature.) Here's how to use it:

Place your mouse over a word. The word should be surrounded by a blue box.


Anything with a blue box can be Dragged & Dropped! Once there is a box, grab it with your mouse and drag the word into the correct field in the bookkeeping form.


Watch the magic! The grabbed word will appear in the field.

You can also grab multiple words, even whole sentences, or entire paragraphs! You can see specific instructions on how to drag multiple words in this article.


 Dragging Contacts!

You can also drag the name of the contact (vendor, supplier, customer, etc) from the document to the bookkeeping entry. If the name is a match, we will match it to the contact in the list. If we can't find it in the list, we will open the window to add a new contact. When you accept the document, we will also add the contact to your accounting system.

NOTE: The name must be a partial positive match, i.e. the text that is dragged into the contact field must be in the text in the dropdown list. For example, if the contact in your accounting system is "ABC Couriers, Inc" you can drag over "ABC" and it will match up. However, if there is a difference in the document, and you drag over "ABC Delivery", it will not match.