If you frequently search by the same keywords and want to make it easier to find your documents, you can easily save your favorite tags and searches.

The search results bar shows all the search terms/tags you searched for. There is a star at the beginning of the list of search terms. If you click on it, it will add these criteria to your favorite searches.

Where is it saved?

You'll see the search added to the list of "Favorites" on the bottom section of the menu.

Just click on the name of the Favorite Search and all of the documents that match the search criteria will be displayed on the Workspace. 

You can erase the favorite search by clicking on the the "X" on the right side of the search.

Remember that the search will return the results in the folder that you selected in the top part of navigation pane. You can look at the search results in a different folder by clicking on that folder. You'll know that you're still in the search because you'll see the search terms at the top of the workspace.