DOKKA is a full-featured Document Management System. When you upload a document to DOKKA, we immediately:

  1. Index every word for searching

  2. Classify the document as financial or general.

The documents are grouped and tagged accordingly, automatically. You can change the groups and modify tags as much as you like.

A financial document is anything that can support a bookkeeping entry. A general document is everything else, like a letter from the bank, contract, etc. You can store everything here in DOKKA for easy finding.

To move a document from financial to general or vice versa, right-click on the document in the workspace or click on the "More" button in the document view. You will see the option to "Mark as Financial" or "Move to General." You can also switch several documents at once using the Bulk Actions menu.

DOKKA does not use a traditional folder structure to maintain oder among the documents. We use a tag-based system, which means that you can add as many tags as you like. It's like storing a single copy of a document in several folders at once.

As stated, you can search by every word in the document. You can even save your frequent searches as favorites for quick access.

Other DMS features include Linking and Searching, which you may have already encountered in the pre-accounting tutorials. These two sides of DOKKA are integrally linked.