Or, to rephrase the title:

The Magic Behind DOKKA

 A lot of our users often ask us, “How does this work, how do you manage to process the documents so fast, so they are searchable, and the bookkeeping entries get created, and if they get edited, the system learns for the next time – basically improving on it’s own the more it gets used?"

DOKKA has built a lot of powerful technology.

First, we recognize every document in dozens of different ways, ranging from analyzing the logo, to the size of the document, to the shape of the document, to how the information is laid out on the document.

And then we constantly analyze what you change, so that we can automatically figure out  what we did wrong. Then we apply that to try to and improve the next time you upload a similar document.

That way, the more you use DOKKA, the smarter it becomes.

Often this technology is called Artificial Intelligence, or Supervised Machine Learning.

We simply call it the “DOKKA Magic”.

See the technology work in this video: