One of DOKKA's Document Management features is the ability to link documents into bundles or packs. You can tell if a document is part of a bundle by the paper clip icon on the top left of a document in the Workspace. DOKKA also lets you export your transaction data to Excel, csv, or IIF for reporting or to import into accounting systems that do not yet integrate with DOKKA. 

Here, we are using the linking feature to help organize the exported transactions. After exporting transactions from DOKKA in IIF format, the exported documents will be automatically linked together. The bundle will be given a name to help you identify the export. In addition, the bundle will be locked for editing.

 IIFExport1.png IIFExport2.png

Don't worry, the power is in your hands. You can unlock the linking to make changes. 

If you are exporting into Excel or .CSV format, we recommend using the linking feature to link the exported documents together and lock them to help prevent confusion about which documents were already exported.