A.k.a. the Discussion feature.

If you reconcile bank or credit card statements for your clients, you may have questions about some transactions. DOKKA offers an easy way to get answers:


While reconciling, you can select lines that have questions using the checkbox at the left of each line. Select as many lines as you need answers for. When you're ready, click the Discuss button on the bottom of the screen.

SelectTransactions.png . mceclip0.png

A window will open up with the email template. You can send it as is, or edit it:


You can contact a DOKKA user, i.e. your client or someone else in the company, or anyone else. You can simply change the email address and name on the form. When you click send, the other person will receive an email with a link to the transactions:


When the link is clicked, a window will open with the questions and a way for the client/vendor/etc to reply:


S/he will see the description of the transaction from the statement, the date, and the amount. Simply click in the text box to provide more information and reply.



You will see the replies as new messages (in orange) and have the ability to ask follow-up questions as well: