Users are the people that are authorized to use DOKKA. At the company level, a user can be given one of four roles. All

  1. Bookkeeper -> Executive: currently the same as a Bookkeeper.
  2. Bookkeeper -> Bookkeeper: This is the role with financial responsibilities. They can perform all of the necessary operations to upload documents to DOKKA, approve them, and move them into the accounting software. A Bookkeeper can also delete documents and perform all the document management operations.
  3. Client -> Regular User: Can import documents into DOKKA only and cannot change financial data or view the bookkeeping entry forms.
  4. Client -> Confidential User: Can upload have access to the documents in the confidential section in the workspace.
  5. Client -> Restricted User: Can upload documents and view tagged and approval required documents.

* This applies only to Priority users.

       6.Client -> Restricted Confidential User: Can upload, view confidential section, as well as tagged and approval required documents. 

* This applies only to Priority users.

To add users, go into Company Settings by clicking the gear icon on the top right. Then click the Users link on the left. Click Add User.



Select the role and enter the required information. You can create more users by clicking the Add User link.

CompanyUser3.png CompanyUser2.png

You can add and change users at any time by going into the Users link in the Settings section.

The next step for setting up a company is integrating with an ERP (accounting system). You can do that here.