If you are using DOKKA without a direct integration, then you are using our "Default ERP." Like the other integrations, this option has some defaults and settings. You can set them in the Settings --> Integrations section.

SettingsIcon.png. Settings.png

There are several options, with more coming.


The export format list contains ERPs that have different import requirements. DOKKA can export the data in a format that matches the import format for the listed systems. 

There are three generic fields in the line item grid in the bookkeeping entry form. These are similar to a Tracking Category in Xero or Class list in Quickbooks.

You can toggle the fields on and off by clicking the plus sign on the right. In the settings section, you can change the labels of the Category fields to say whatever you want.

You can preload these lists with data when you upload your contacts and accounts. This article will explain how to get your account loaded with your lists.