1. Enter Sage Pastel:

2. File > 1 > Open a Company > Enter a Password.

3. In The Company: File > Export/Import 

4. In The Export window: Choose File Name > Process.

5. In General Ledger Export Filters: Choose Account Start, Choose Account.

6. See That the the fields are same as in the screenshot and press "OK".

7. You will see the records exported > Close.

8. In your computer: Go to the path in which you saved the file (step 3 or 4 in this guid).

9. Open Excel: Find the file >

10. If you get an error it opens "Text Import Wizard": Choose "Delimited" > click "next".

11. Choose "Comma":

12. Choose "Text" > Finish > You get your list of accounts exported in-front of you.

13. Go to DOKKA layout > Copy list of "accounts numbers" to "code" field in DOKKA layout.

                                           Copy list of "Names" to "Name" field in DOKKA layout.

14. Return with other kinds of accounts. For example - Supplier Acounts, Customer Accounts:

The "class" in DOKKA layout will be "Customr" or "supplier".

15. In DOKKA > Settings > integrations > CSV > Import.

Importing data to Sage Pastel:

2. Process > journals:

3. Correct Tax if you have not uploaded vat into DOKKA:


4. Update > Go to Supplier: