DOKKA / SAPB1 connectivity is established through the “service layer” (SAPB1 SL),  an API for consuming SAP Business One data and services, that allows DOKKA to connect to SAPB1 and mutually import and export data.

  1. Make sure that the network environment is accessible for outside servers and to DOKKA IPs via the IT contact.

*If needed, a list of DOKKA servers’ IP addresses can be requested from the DOKKA support team

  1. Make sure that “SAP B1 Service layer” is installed and active via the “SAP B1 Control Center” application on https://localhost:40000/ControlCenter  (on SAP server)

Check the “Service Layer” URL as depicted in the picture below

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

  1. SAP server URL 

https://server:50000/b1s/v2 where:

Server: SAP server DNS name or IP

50000: Service Layer port ( as described in prerequisites )

  1. Make sure you have a valid SSL certificate bound to the “Service Layer” application.

  2. Send the Service layer URL to the Admin.

*Adding documents attachments to SAP 

To add the invoice file from DOKKA into SAP you should add a local path to Attachments , Folder in SAP

(Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > Path tab)

*If there is a blockage at the IP address at the time of the connection - the port should be forwarded (look at the link you received from SAP while going through the manual steps).

For example, if it is "HTTPS: // com: 50000" in the API URL, the port is 50000.

If the address is only HTTPS: // then it is standard SSL port - port 443)

Dokka's IP address: