This feature allows you to upload a bank or credit card statement to DOKKA and extract the data to Excel for manual processing or upload to your accounting system. We are also building a feature that will allow you to create transactions in your accounting system directly from the lines in the statement.

Some points about bank statements:

  • Digital .PDFs are better.Unlike receipts and invoices, bank statements are harder to understand. Scanned copies are not fully supported. IF they can be processed, it will take longer (we're working on supporting scans as well). If a bank statement has the "Processing" label on it for a long time, you can assume that 
    • the data is being extracted, but the system needs help with a detail (dates or end balance don't match), or
    • the bank statement is not supported and the system is stuck.
  • Upload one complete bank statement per document.Do not remove or rearrange pages or put an entire year of statements into one file. If you want to store this for archival purposes, that's fine, but not for data extraction. The system is not designed for this.
  • Every bank has it own format(s) for bank and credit card statements. We are teaching the system how to understand them. Unsupported statements will be "stuck in processing" until we can release it. Once your bank statement is supported, the processing should be as quick as for an invoice.

How to process a bank or credit card statement - basic feature:

  • Upload a statement.
  • Click to view it.
  • Verify that the dates and balances are correct.
  • Make any necessary modifications.
  • Click the export icon
     at the top of the screen to export the data to an Excel file.

  • Once you click Accept, the statement will be locked and un-editable.

How to stop processing:

If a document is processing, but is NOT a bank or credit card statement, or if you don't want the data extracted, you can stop the processing:

  • Click to view it.
  • Click "Stop Processing." 
  • If the document is not a statement, change the Type to the correct type.
  • If the document is a statement that will not be processed, click on the "More" button and select "Mark as General Document." 
  • Continue as normal.