The History Trail is a list of every action that is done in DOKKA. Every document that is uploaded is tracked. Now you can see which documents were uploaded via email, upload, mobile app, or scanner. You can see added tags and modifications to sticky notes. You can see who completed and accepted a document.

You can also see which user did the action.

Even better, if you click on the item in the History Trail you will see that action in the DOKKA system.

This gives you an added level of control. You can see everything that happened to your documents.

To view the history, click on the History icon in the blue navbar up top.

You can view the list of actions. If you click on an action, the relevant document will be displayed in preview mode.

search by: Date Range, users or event 

You can change the date range of the history trail by clicking on the date. Simply select the start and end dates and click "Select"

choose a specific user or event 

and export as ae excel file :