1. In case your organization has Custom fields built-in Netsuite, please first enter a dokka companey > press the "blue man button"> setting> Netsuite> and choose line \ header fields you need from the list.

2. Enter a random Dokka document in the "inbox" file > set the correct transaction ( expenses \ item) > scroll to the table sector> press the "blue plus" button in the corner > choose the fields you need.

* do the same action to both bill expense and bill item.

3. If there are missing Custom fields in one or more of the transaction types> go to Netsuite> Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms

4. Select the preferred (Click here to view an article on how to know which are the preferred forms) forms (names may different) 

*make sure that the correct form marked a is preferred

5. Go to Customization> Lists, Records, & Fiields>  transaction body\ Line fields> list

6. Choose the correct field you want to add the form > press " Apply to Formes"> Save 

7. Go back to dokka> press the "blue plus" button > see if the Custome line fields are appearing for publishing.