You can, with a few short steps add the Bill in Netsuite the name of the Dokka user that Published the document.

* In order to continue please make sure that you have an administrator user in NetSuite or contact the admin in your organization.

Before starting: Enter to your Dokka organization> enter to a random subsidiary> press the "Blue man" button > settings > integrations> netsuite >look what is the name of the DOKKA USER name in your setup > DOKKA publisher name custom field

* custbody_dokka_publisher



*In case that the field name is not "custbody_created_by" keep following the same steps according to the field name that is set under your dokka organization.

1. Go to Customization> Lists, Records, & Fields>  transaction body fields:

2. Search for "Created By" in the list and click it:

3. Go to the bottom of the page and go to the Display tab, then change the DISPLAY TYPE field to Normal:

4.Go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms:

5. Select the preferred forms (names may different)  >press edit:

 (Click here to view an article on how to know which are the preferred forms)

6. Go to Screen Fields > Custom> Main and Search for a Label / Field called "Dokka Publisher", make sure that the Display Type is set to Normal: 

* make sure to repeat the steps both for Vendor bill and Bill credit. 

7. Now go back to Dokka > enter to a rendom invoice > press do a force-sync before trying to publish again and wait for the arrows icon to finish spinning> publish a document > if the user name dosent appear in the DOKKA USER field please contact