After you create a custom transaction field, the field automatically appears on the Custom subtab of standard and custom transaction forms. If you did not specify a subtab for the custom field to appear on, it appears on the Custom subtab. You can then configure if the custom field should or should not be shown on a specific custom transaction form.

To show a custom transaction field on a custom transaction form:

  1. Go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms.

  2. Click Edit next to your custom form.

  3. On the Custom Transaction Form page, click the Screen Fields subtab.

  4. Click the subtab you specified on the custom field record and locate your custom field name in the Description column. If you did not specify a subtab on the custom field record, the custom field appears on the Custom subtab.

  5. If you want the field to show when the transaction is being entered, check the box in the Show column next to your custom field. Newly-created custom transaction fields automatically have this box checked.

  6. If you use basic printing, click the Printing Fields subtab.

    1. Click the subtab for the area of the printed form your field appears in.

      For body fields, click Body.

      For column fields and item options, click Columns.

    2. If you want the field to show up when you print or email the form, check the box in the Print/Email column next to your custom field.

    3. Enter a label for each field as you want them to print.

  7. Click Save.

Your custom transaction field now shows up on your custom transaction form.

To use a specific custom transaction form for your transaction, select the appropriate form in the Custom Form field on the transaction page.