To connect another NetSuite subsidiaries, we will have to replicate the role that was created during the bundle installation (as part of the initial connection).

Step 1: Replicate the Dokka Role

Go to Setup-> Users/Roles->  Manage Roles

Search for "DOKKA Integration - INC" and click 'Edit' next to it.

In the 'Role' window that will be opened, choose the desired subsidiary from the list under 'SELECTED SUBSIDIARIES'.

Change the role's name to a distinct name (preferably one that will match the subsidiary's name), click the arrow button next to the 'Save' button and click on 'Save As':

!!! Add the new role for the "selected user":
Lists-> Employees-> Edit the user card-> Access-> Add the new role-> Save

Step 2: Add/Check Additional Permissions to Dokka's Role

In the role's settings screen, scroll down to the 'Permissions' tab, and make sure that the following permissions are set for the replicated role:

Custom Record > Withholding Tax Code: View
Setup > Custom Record Entries: View
Setup > Custom Entity Fields: View

Step 3: Create an Access Token for the new Role

Go to Setup->  Users/Roles->  Access Tokens-> New. In the 'Access Token' window that will be opened, fill in the details as follows:


USER: Select the user you used to create Dokka's Role.

ROLE: 'Dokka Integration - INC' (if you're connecting additional subsidiaries, choose the name you set for the appropriate subsidiary's role)

TOKEN NAME: No specific requirements

Once all fields are filled in as prescribed, click 'Save'.


Once the Access Token is saved, NetSuite will show you the Token ID and the Token Secret for this integration. They will be shown only once and can't be restored, and will be necessary to connect Dokka to your NetSuite subsidiary - make sure to save these values.

Step 4: Connect a DOKKA Company to your NetSuite subsidiary

Go to one of your Dokka companies that isn't connected to NetSuite yet. If you need to create a new company, click the 'Add Company' link.

Once you've entered your unconnected Dokka company, Dokka will put you in the Integrations Settings window. Scroll down to NetSuite and click 'Connect'.

After clicking connect, the Sign In window will show up. In this window, fill in the fields as follows:

Account ID: the number in the beginning of the RESTlet URL. For example, if your RESTlet url is, your Account ID would be 1234567. Note that if you're trying to connect Dokka to a NetSuite sandbox environment, you will need to replace the dash (-) between the Account ID in the RESTlet URL and the phrase sb with and underscore (e.g. dokka_sb1 instead of dokka-sb1). 

Token Key: the token key you've created in Step 2

Token Secret: the token secret you've created in Step 2

Rest connector URL: the URL you've received in Step 6 of the initial installation process.

Once all fields are filled up, click 'SIGN IN'.