In Netsuite -Payment Hold box to apply a payment hold on a disputed bill. When the Payment Hold box is checked, the following occurs: * The Make Payment button is not available on the vendor bill, and a vendor payment cannot be processed for that bill. 

* Vendor bills that have a Payment Hold enabled do not show up on the Bill Payments page.

 * The Electronic Payment SuiteApp does not process payments that have a payment hold.

In DOKKA -there are two ways to set a payment hold :

1. Manually: Before publishing a document, you can choose to set the "payment hold" by clicking the "Payment hold" chack box. This will transfer directly to the bill in NetSuite after publishing.

2. Default Payment hold: If using this definition constantly, you can add it to the Dokka setting.

By adding payment hold as default- Dokka will mark it as checked all the time.