Dokka offers to create a unique custom field that enables the import of important data directly to the bill in Netsuite, including approval flow, sticky notes, publisher, and transaction internal ID.

1. Navigate to the Transaction Body Field page: 

Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields >Transaction Body Field > New

2. Create the custom field. 

(repeat for Approvers, Approval status, Approval/Reject date custom fields)

  • Fill in Lebel and ID (custom field name) fields
  • Select Text Area type (for Approval/Reject date fields as well)
  • Configure in the "Applies To" tab for which types of transactions the field is available.
  • Click on the Save button


3. Navigate to the company settings in Dokka and click on the Update button in the Integration tab.

4. Set created custom fields for the corresponding custom fields in the Custom field section. 

DOKKA transaction url custom field – Type - Hyperlink
DOKKA publisher url custom field - Type - List/Record, List - Employee
PO Requestor – Type - List/Record, List - Big LOV
DOKKA approvers - Type - Text area
Sticky Notes - Type - Text area
DOKKA approval status - Type - Text area
DOKKA approval date - Type - Text area