DOKKA integrates with several accounting packages and we're adding more to the list as quickly as possible. Even if we don't offer a full integration with your software, you can still benefit from the speed, ease, and document management of DOKKA. When you are ready to bring your bookkeeping entries into your accounting software, you can import it from DOKKA in a semi-automatic fashion.

Note: Some accounting programs do NOT offer an import feature, i.e. all transactions need to be added manually. Please double check with your accounting software to make sue that bulk importing is possible.

First, download the data from DOKKA in Excel or csv format. You can do this by clicking the Export list at the top right of the screen. Select Excel or CSV.

It is important to note that all of the documents that you see in the workspace will be included in the report. If you only want to download a select group of entries, you need to adjust the visible documents. You do this the same way that you search for documents using the provided buttons and search bar. Read this article for the full description of how to search for documents.

Once the view shows the documents that you want exported, go to the export feature in DOKKA.

The file will be downloaded to your computer.

To continue, follow the instructions from your accounting software to import data.

Don't Export the Same Document Twice!!

Here are two suggestions for ways to ensure that each document's transactions are exported only once:

1. Use the linking feature to link the exported documents together and lock them to help prevent confusion about which documents were already exported. You can even link the documents first and then export from within the linking window. The More button on the bottom of the linking window has the export options. Give the document pack a name that reflects the export, so that you will know from the name that it was already exported.

 2. As you process the documents, add a tag with the "batch number" for exporting. When you are ready to export, filter the Workspace so that you only see the documents for this batch. Export this batch.