Now you can perform select operations on multiple documents at once.

When you have multiple documents in your Workspace, hold down the Ctrl button (Command button for Mac). Use your mouse to select the documents that you want to modify.

You can also use Ctrl+A (Command+A for Mac) to select the whole screen. Please note, using the keystroke will select all of the documents on the screen, but NOT all of the documents in the Workspace. Scroll down to select more, if desired.

In the example above, I have selected three documents at the same time. The menu bar at the bottom of the screen shows the options. We can:

  • Download the documents to your computer
  • Convert them all to financial documents with a Bookkeeping Entry
  • Convert them all to general, i.e. non-financial, documents
  • Digitally sign all of the documents at once, if your account is set up for e-signing
  • Merge the documents into one document
  • Move them to Working
  • Move them to Done
  • Move them to Archive
  • Delete the documents

Stay tuned! There will be more features added to this menu soon. Keeping your workspace organized will be a cinch.