There are several ways to add documents:

The first two options are in the DOKKA web platform - upload a file located on your computer, or by scanning:

A file on your computer can be uploaded by clicking on "Add Document". When the pop-up box opens, choose the file you want to upload, or simply drag it from the folder on your computer to the pop-up box.

To scan documents, click the "scan" icon, and connect your scanner.


The third option is by forwarding emails to the unique email address you have been given. You can see this email below your company name at the top of the screen. Any email sent to this email address will be automatically logged into DOKKA. If the email contains documents, they will be uploaded automatically and the "text from the body of the email" will not be saved. If the email does not contain any attachments, the content from the "body of the email" will be uploaded as a PDF file.


The fourth way to upload documents is via our mobile app.

The documents that are added will be in the Inbox (learn how to navigate the Workspace). From there you can move documents to where they belong. You can move it to a different folder by dragging the document to the folder list on the side of the screen or by using the right-click menu. If a file should be a general document, you can switch it using the right-click menu. The document will be switched to general and moved to the Archive folder.

Upload options

When you upload a document using the Add Document button you will be able to select the folder to which the document(s) will be uploaded. This way, you can send them directly where they should go. You can also set the upload date. This is useful if you are uploading older files for archiving. They can be uploaded as of the correct month and will show up with the other documents from that period.

Want to delete a document?

Right click (Ctrl+click on MAC) -> Delete Document.

The fourth way to add documents to DOKKA is by using our mobile app. You can learn how to do this in the article dedicated to the mobile app.