1. Domain settings:

If an error message opens while working at DOKKA and trying to press the "Help" key to open a call to the support

staff or access the database, make sure that there is no IT block at any of the addresses from the list:


  1. sentry.io
  2. dokka.com
  3. dokka.co.il
  4. helphero.co
  5. sendbird.com
  6. fullstory.com
  7. smartlook.com
  8. freshdesk.com
  9. onesignal.com
  10. amazonaws.com
  11. freshworks.com
  12. smartlook.cloud


2. How to clean Data\ Cookies from your computer:

Browsers keep local copies of website data to load those websites more quickly in the future - these are known as your browser's cache. 

When you experience an issue that is not occurring on other browsers or computers, the source of that issue may lie in your browser's cache. Clearing the cache will typically resolve these issues.

The process for clearing a browser's cache is different for every browser. Learn how to clear your cache in the following browsers in their documentation:  

Please note: after you've cleared your cache, completely restart your browser. This ensures that the cache is completely cleared.