This guide will walk you through the steps to change user integration for your NetSuite API connection.

Step 1: Accessing NetSuite Account- Netsuite ADMIN:

To begin, log in to your NetSuite account using your administrator credentials.

Step 2: UN-Assigning the user from the Role:

Once logged in, navigate to the Lists -> Employees -> Employees>

 and click 'Edit' next to the user from whom the integration is assigned to> Edit> 

Click the 'Access' tab on the bottom part of the employee's settings.

Remove the  'Dokka Integration - ?' role  >click"Save"

Step 3: Assigning the NEW user to the Role:

Go again to Lists -> Employees -> Employees>

 and click 'Edit' next to the new user from whom the integration will be assigned to> Edit> 

Click the 'Access' tab on the bottom part of the employee's settings.

Add the  'Dokka Integration - ?' role  >click"Save"


Step 4: revoke the old Tokens:

Go to Setup-> Users/Roles-> Access Tokens, click 'Edit' next to the appropriate access token, and click 'Revoke' in the window that will be opened

Step 5: Create new Tokens:

Go to Setup->  Users/Roles->  Access Tokens-> New. In the 'Access Token' window that will be opened, fill in the details as follows:


USER: Select the new user you used to create Dokka's Role.

ROLE: 'Dokka Integration - ?' (if you're connecting additional subsidiaries, choose the name you set for the appropriate subsidiary's role)

TOKEN NAME: No specific requirements

Once all fields are filled in as prescribed, click 'Save'.

Copy and save the Tokens until the connection is Done :

Step 6: Get the RESTlet URL: (If the link is accessible, you can ignore this step and proceed with the remaining instructions)

Go to Customization-> Scripting-> Script Deployments:

Find the entry whose SCRIPT is called “DOKKA.Rest.Connector” and click 'View' next to it. To locate it more quickly, you may set the TYPE filter to RESTlet.

In the 'Script Deplyoment' that will be opened, copy the URL as it appears in the field EXTERNAL URL:

Step 7: Change the Dokka integration connection:

Go to the required Dokka companies in your Organization. (If you need to create a new company, click the 'Add Company' link.)>

Once you've entered your  Dokka company, go to "Settings" > "Integrations" >  Scroll down to NetSuite and click 'Disconnect'>

After Disconnecting > press "Connect"> 

After clicking connect, the Sign In window will show up. In this window, fill in the fields as follows:

Account ID: the number at the beginning of the RESTlet URL. 

For example, if your RESTlet URL is, your Account ID would be 1234567

Note that if you're trying to connect Dokka to a NetSuite sandbox environment, you will need to replace the dash (-) between the Account ID in the RESTlet URL and the phrase sb with an underscore (e.g. dokka_sb1 instead of Dokka-sb1). 

Token Key: the token key you've created in Step 5

Token Secret: the token secret you've created in Step 5

Rest connector URL: the URL you've received in Step 6

Once all fields are filled up, click 'SIGN IN'.


That's it! The NEW integration user connects Your Dokka company to your NetSuite subsidiary.

Changing user integration for NetSuite API connection involves steps to ensure smooth and secure data interactions. By following these steps, you can seamlessly switch user roles, grant necessary permissions, and update authentication details, ensuring your NetSuite API integration continues to function effectively.