* The following article is relevant for ERP integrations using Grid View in DOKKA.

One of the most effective ways to publish documents via DOKKA is by using the Multi Document Publish feature. 

You can mark all the documents that you wish to publish in DOKKA's Grid View and publish multiple documents into your bookkeeping system with just one click! 

To publish multiple documents at once, follow these instructions:

1. If you're currently in the gallery view, click on the Grid View button to switch to the Grid View (you can learn more about the Grid View in this article):

2. (Optional) If you wish to publish only documents with specific properties (e.g. debit account, date range, etc.), you can use the filter icon next to the row's title to filter the desired documents.


3. Choose the desired documents by ticking the checkboxes next to them (in the blue square in the following picture). If you wish to publish all the visible documents, tick the checkbox on the title row (in the green square in the following picture).

4. Once you selected one document or more, the toolbar will appear. Click the Publish icon (in the red square in the following picture) to publish the selected documents.

5. Confirm that you wish to publish all documents. You will see the number of invoices that you are going to publish - make sure that this number makes sense and that you haven't chosen documents that you don't wish to publish yet.

6. The documents will move automatically to the Done folder:

Click the red dot next the table icon to refresh the view.

There are several notifications that may appear during bulk publishing:

1. The document is currently being published into the accounting/ bookkeeping system.

2. "Failed: Missing entry in a mandatory field" - if this happens, re-enter the invoice and fill in the missing details/information.

3. Published into the accounting/ bookkeeping system - the document was published successfully, and will automatically move from the Inbox folder to the Done folder.